Thank you very much for your interest in my little campsite.


My name is Jens Kæstel, and since 2009 I have been the happy owner of our very cosy and excellent campsite in Fynshav. I am the 3rd owner of the campsite, which was founded by Henning Møller back in 1965.

Lillebælt Camping is one of the loveliest little campsites – located in the southern part of Denmark, right on the shores of Little Belt Strait, on the island of Als. The campsite is managed by the owner himself, and you will always be met and welcomed by the owner, being your first contact and until you leave again.

From the end of 2018 we were appointed an independent 3-star campsite. We cancelled our membership of DK-CAMP and “SMÅ PLADSER” and the costs saved in that connection mean that we in future can maintain a reasonable price level.
The site is primarily aiming at the adult audience, and for the last many years we have created a locality where you can enjoy a peaceful camping experience all times of the season.

If you visit us, you can expect:

  • That you will feel very welcome.
  • An adult environment and good “camper behaviour”.
  • A well-groomed campsite – with well-kept facilities.
  • Daily cleaning at fixed times.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash on the campsite.
  • A village environment with a grocery store and bakery, open 7 days a week from 7 a.m.
  • A campsite without youth groups and loud music.
  • A campsite where families with children are welcome – but not in focus.
  • A nice playground for the smallest – which closes at 10 p.m. – we like It quiet and peaceful at night.
  • No noise between 11 p.m. and 6a.m – and of course car driving within the camp is not allowed.
  • Ball games and violent play are taking place on the football pitch – and not among the campers.
  • A cosy and nice place to stay.

My intention is to match up to the above, and this has my full focus during the season from 1st April to the last sunday in September.

I am looking very much forward to welcome you !!

Best regards,
Jens Kæstel

Pernille and Jens

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