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Lillebælt Camping
Lillebæltvej 4
6440 Augustenborg
Phone +4574474840
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Open: 01.04. - 30.09.
LON 9° 59‘ 56.9760'
LAT 54° 59‘ 8.9880'
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Practical information


Check-in at the reception.

Setting up

Setting up the caravan/mobilehome/tent:  Must be in between the posted markings.

At least 3 m to the next caravan, 1.5 m to the posted markings.


Pleace on the day before departure, or between 8:15 h - 10:15 h on the day of departure.

Credit card fee –3,75%.


Caravans/tents/campers: not later than 12:00 noon.

If you leave after 12:00 noon you have to pay for one more night.

Opening hours

8:15 - 10:15. Or please see the notice at the door.


Has only a limited range of groceries, such as coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer ice cream, candy and postcards, etc.        

For larger purchases, please visit the supermarket in Fynshav.


Will be done between 10:30 - 13:00 h.

The toilet buildings are cleaned by turns. During cleaning the Information is closed.

The gate

The gate at the Information is closed at night.

Driving at the camp site must be limited. Max. 10 km/hour.


Visitors has to use the parking ground.

All guests must enter at the information.


Bonfire at the beach is not allowed.

You may use the barbecue if you look after it. Don’t place the barbecue directly at the grass - lift it on stones or the like. Notice the fire risk.


Garbage/Glass must be put in the containers at the Information.

Ashes must be cold.


Don’t pour waste water in the main water. Use the slop sink or drains marked with „spildevand“.


Must be kept on a leash and droppings must be removed. There are Dog-bags at the Information.

Important phone numbers

Emergency: 112
Emergency service 7011 0707
Doctor during daytime: 7445 8342.

More information

Please, consider the neighbours – and don’t make unnecessary noise.

There must be quiet at the camp site by 23:00 – 06:00 h.

If you have any questions – pleace contact me.

I wish you a nice stay at Lillebælt Camping.

Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet for a fee.